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A tree topology shows the hierarchy of the system, while a star topology has central nodes that radiate out to other access points. Keeping your network connected and monitoring for any failures or broken linkages is vital for a network monitoring tool. If one element of your network becomes disconnected, it could have a cascading effect on other elements of the system. Installing a quality network monitoring tool can alert you to system outages before they become catastrophic.

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Best Cisco Network Monitoring Toolsreveals a list of the top five Cisco monitoring tools. For each one, there is a brief review of the product and its best features.

Our hope is that our reviews of the top product can help you compare what is available and select the product—or products—that best matches your specific needs. With this level of complexity and variability, buying the right network performance system is no easy task. This buyer’s guide will take you through the process step by step — from tracing the evolution of network performance monitors to examining key use cases. We will also lay out the most important purchasing criteria and evaluate the leading products in the market to help you determine which network performance monitoring tool is best for your enterprise.

There are also different types of topologies that display data differently. For example, a bus topology projects the network as a single access line with all devices connected at various points.

ConnectWise Automate was previously known as LabTech, and originated as a remote monitoring and management solution. It has since been enhanced and rolled into the single ConnectWise Automate platform to provide a single seamless product that suits all of your network monitoring needs. Pricing is scaled based on the size of the network being monitored, the number of devices in the network, and the extra features required by the system.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting and implementing the best network monitoring software for your organization. A network traffic monitor maintains constant vigilance over the equipment, software, and databases connected to your network. It also prevents intrusions from outside sources that could harm or degrade your network. All of these industry-leading features are essential for a modern network monitoring system.

The website also features an extensive documentation center and user knowledge base, with clear indications of what is included on each patch and upgrade. Zabbix is unique in that it is an open-source monitoring tool. This provides the added benefit of a network of users who are constantly improving the product, providing real-time and real-life feedback on any changes to the system. Another benefit of the open-source network is that the ability to change the system is available to any user. TruePath will work with your teams to define what monitoring software packages are needed.

OP5 Monitor is free for up to 20 devices, then offers a pricing plan based on your business’ needs. For those who have a very small network or do not require as many advanced features, the free model, open-source nature of the system, and flexible installation options could make this the product of choice. It automatically discovers all devices connected to the system and monitors them from the get-go, which means immediate coverage upon install. It can also utilize its extensive monitoring suites to predict problems before they arise, display trend analyses of key data points, and help you identify and prevent problems before they happen.

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They then configure and maintain the monitoring tools and your teams use them. Best Site Performance & Monitoring Toolsa collection of some of the best site performance and monitoring tools that you can start using right away to optimize performance and monitor your site.